Sarzana: Fortezza di Sarzanello

Whoever goes to Sarzana, from wherever comes, cannot help be attracted by that impressive building that dominates the Magra valley, from the top of Sarzanello hill. The fortress is the most immediate, representative and dearest image of the town, which has witnessed its past greatness.

Sarzana Fortezza Firmafede

Lorenzo the Magnificent conquered Serazzana (Sarzana) in 1487 after a long war against Genoa. After having destroyed the Firmafede Fortress, he decided to build a new, more modern one upon its ashes, in step with the current technological progress of the art of war. He well understood the strategic value of Sarzana, and decided that […]

Malaspina Castle Fosdinovo

This Castle played an important role in a feud between the branches of the Malaspina del Ramo Fiorito family that lasted from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. It is of great importance both historically and above all, architecturally. the construction of the massive fortress, which merges with the underlying sandstone rock so the whole […]


Located in one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, the Lunigiana, Fosdinovo has important and troubled origins linked to the Malaspina family. Thanks to its magnificent castle, magic as in the past, its legends, its charming atmosphere in a truly unforgettable landscape, it is a fascinating medieval village. Evidences of the ancient village dating back to 1202, when […]