Located in one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, the Lunigiana, Fosdinovo has important and troubled origins linked to the Malaspina family. Thanks to its magnificent castle, magic as in the past, its legends, its charming atmosphere in a truly unforgettable landscape, it is a fascinating medieval village. Evidences of the ancient village dating back to 1202, when the noble families of Erberia and the bishops of Luni enshrine an agreement in which he stated the establishment of common, governed until 1340 by the nobles of Fosdinovo. In the same year, all privileges were assigned to Spinetta Malaspina il Grande, who will be leading his race with the fate of the country until the first campaign in Italy by Napoleon in 1797. The presence of Malaspina has been central to Fosdinovo and, in addition to marking four centuries of history of the country, will, among other evidences of their presence on one of the most interesting medieval architecture in the region: the mighty castle defensive. The castle still belongs to the family of the Marquis Torregiani Malaspina, was host of celebrities, among them the poet Dante Alighieri. Myths and legends are connected with the history of this building, is the charming story of the love story of the young Marchesa Bianca Maria Aloisi Malaspina, which was wrong to love a stable and punished for this with the terrible fate of being walled up alive in one of the rooms of the castle in the company of a dog, symbol of fidelity, and a boar, symbol of rebellion.His life would be golden this still within the walls of the castle and his restless spirit would leave the memory of the sad lot of the times frescoed rooms of gifts. This and other legends associated with this truly magical place, but the real magic of Fosdinovo is the tangible evidence of a glorious past and the historical and artistic heritage that keeps. Fosdinovo today, in addition to tourism and historical events that celebrate the glorious past with, has a flourishing farming with production of oil and wine quality.