This Castle played an important role in a feud between the branches of the Malaspina del Ramo Fiorito family that lasted from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. It is of great importance both historically and above all, architecturally. the construction of the massive fortress, which merges with the underlying sandstone rock so the whole structure seems carved out of the earth, began in the second half of the twelfth century. Built to defend, in 1340 the castle was officially ceded by the Noble family of Fosdinovo to Spinetta Malaspina. He created the Marquisate of Fosdinovo and lived in the Castle for the rest of his life. The oldest east tower, is known as the “Dante chamber” where, according to tradition, the great poet slept when he was a guest at the castle during his period of exile. The frescoes in the grand central hall depict the solid friendship between Dante and the Malaspina family.The visit around the Castle continues upstairs among countless other furnished rooms and along the exterior walkway above the roof which offers a stunning panoramic view